The M Club FAQ              

What is a Mystery KAL?
A Mystery Knit-A-Long (KAL) is a knit-a-long in which a knitting pattern is broken down into clues.  Clues are released one at a time on a set schedule and the participants do not know what they are knitting (i.e. there are no photos) until they work the clue.
What are we knitting?
Ha!  Wouldn't you like to know?????  Seriously, that is part of the mystery!  But know that you every pattern will be using 400 or more yards of yummy fingering, light fingering and maybe even lace yarn.  You can see patterns I've designed for past Mystery KAL's here.  If you like my designs I do think you'll enjoy these new patterns!
What is the degree of difficulty?  Will I be able to do these patterns?
I'd describe all of the patterns as at least Intermediate... if you have done my KAL's before you know that I provide video tutorials and alot of support, if you want to learn, we'll be there to help you!  If you have completed any of my Craftsy class designs your skill level is ready for these designs!
Will there be video tutorials?
OF COURSE!  I love helping you learn new techniques, and you know that I think a video is worth a thousand words!
Will there be a forum set up on Ravelry?
Yes, there is a NEW forum for kit club members, but each KAL will have threads set up for it in Nelkin Designs Ravelry group.
What yarns/companies are you working with?
This is part of the mystery, but if you know my designs, you'll know I LOVE working with hand-dyers and unique bases that you might not have worked with before!  The yarn for the first kit is a brand new one, just out this fall, and I believe it will make you swoon! 
Will the yarn be exclusive colorways?
Yes!  I am working with dyers to design colors that are totally unique for this club!
Can I sign up for a "pattern-only" version of the club?
If you don't sign up for the club you will be able to sign up for the 3 public MKAL's when they are open for sign-ups.
Do you ship overseas?
Yes!  I tried to keep the cost down, but it is quite expensive to send overseas!
Can I combine shipments with friends or my guild?
No, sorry, each shipment will be sent to the address provided when you sign up.  Should you move please contact us as soon as possible so we can "fix" our files.
How is my "kit" shipped?
All M Club kits will be shipped USPS first class mail.
Can I give this club as a gift?
YEAH!  What an awesome present!  Email us to set up billing details!
How do I pay?
M Club memberships are charged in two installments, the first installment of $65, a deposit of 1/4 of the club plus any extra shipping charges. The balance, $195, will be charged to your credit card on January 6, 2014. By signing up and paying the initial deposit you have committed to the entire club and will be automatically charged for the balance on January 6, 2014.
Sign ups for this year are CLOSED! To make The M Club possible, all yarn and goodies are purchased and dyed well in advance exclusively for the club.  No refunds or cancellations will be accepted. If you no longer need/want your kit when you receive it you are welcome to destash it on Ravelry!