About Me

I learned to knit in 2004 when my daughter was a toddler and got so thoroughly obsessed I had to find a job in the yarn industry so I could be around knitting all the time.  I spent five of those years as the Design Director for Schaefer Yarn which had to have been the best job ever... and now I am an independent knitwear designer!  I am currently enamored with incorporating beads into my knitting and most of my designs lean in that direction.  I LOVE traveling and teach knitting techniques at workshops around the country.  When I'm not designing or knitting, I am gardening, whipping up yummy feasts with my family, and taking time to play!

Here's a little history about me: I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Apparel Design in 1995.  I did lots of weaving, dyeing, natural dyeing, fiber arts, but no knitting!  I then worked hard for Angelheart/Flax and got some great apparel industry experience. From 1997 to 2001 I attended high-end craft shows, selling hand-dyed and burnt-out velvet accessories.  And then I learned to knit, which pretty rapidly led to me to start designing patterns, which have been published in magazines, books, and knitting websites; so now I'm an apparel, textile, and knitwear designer!  My work reflects a combination of all of these skills and continues to grow and evolve as I do.... I wonder what's next


Knitting Patterns Published:

  • Schaefer Yarn Company
  • Knitty.com
  • Knotions.com
  • Interweave Publications
  • Creative Knitting
  • Knit 'N Style
  • Designer One Skein Wonders (Storey Publishing)
  • Luxury One Skein Wonders (Storey Publishing)
  • Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn (Interweave Press)
  • Tops and Toes (DRG Publishing)
  • Travel Knitting (DRG Publishing)
  • Circular Knitting (DRG Publishing)
  • Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calender 2009 (Accord Publishing)