Cast On's

Circular Cast On

Lace or Knitted-On Cast On
Backwards Loop (or E) Cast On
Crochet Chain Provisional Cast On
Unzipping a Provisional Cast On

Bind Off's

Lace Bind Off
Sewn Bind Off

Beaded Lace Bind Off
Lace Bind Off with Placed Beads


Stringing on Beads

Slipping Beads

Placing a Bead

Beedle Needle
Fixing Beading Mistakes
Yarn Weight vs. Bead Size

Re-Stringing your Beads
Beaded I-Cord

Beaded Lace Bind Off
Lace Bind Off with Placed Beads


Making a Magic Ball (with a Magic Knot!)

Fixing Lace Common Knitting Mistakes
Attached or Applied I-Cord Picking Up Stitches

Cdd or Pcdd
(Center Double Decreases)

The Zen of Kitchener Stitch


Cha-Ching Stitch

Hibisco Necklace Bind Off
Butin Collar Cast On
Mudra Clasp
Beaded Cuffs
Woven Seed Bead Ring Tutorial


Note: Many of my patterns have links in them

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Those video links are not listed here.

I've been making knitting tutorials since 2009... keep in mind that most of these tutorials are made at my kitchen table, often times without any help, so while the content will be helpful the quality might not be what you are used to from my Craftsy classes : )!

Enjoy!  And if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!