The N Club FAQ        

What does N stand for?
Hmmmm... Nelkin, New, Novel, and it comes after M!

What are we knitting?
Ha!  Wouldn't you like to know?????  Seriously, that is part of the mystery! This year's N Club will have three patterns that are exclusive to the club. Every pattern will be using 400 or more yards of yummy fingering, light fingering or lace yarn.  You can see patterns I designed for 2018's N Club here, and the ones I've designed for the past four M Club's here.  If you like my designs I do think you'll enjoy these new patterns!
How The N Club different than The M Club?
The M Club had 2 exclusive designs and 2 public mystery kals, this new club has 3 exclusive designs. The N Club also has a non-beading option for those of you who love my designs, but aren't as drawn to beading!
Also, the N Club will have a private Facebook Group for members only.... we'll have un-veilings in the group approximately a week after the US kits ship. In these LIVE events I'll tell all the club members about the yarn, design, goodie and answer questions! Live events are SUPER fun, and doing small ones for the club keep our connection strong! After the event I'll e-mail links to download the pattern so everyone can start knitting at once. There will be a KAL thread set up in the Nelkin Designs Ravelry group. No worries if you can't make it to a live event, they will be recorded!

Can I add beads to my kit after I receive it?
Probably.... I tend to "overbuy" when I purchase for clubs, so I'll probably have a few extra bead bags available. But, if you think you want to work with beads I'd sign up for that option to start with!

Can I change the beading option on my subscription during the year?
That won't be easy to do as I'm doing planning/buying early in the year, but if you have a question, never hesitate to e-mail me and ask!
What is an exclusive pattern?
An exclusive pattern is sent to members of the N Club and is not available for sale to people outside the club until one year has passed from the release date.  After a year has passed, these patterns will be available for purchase to the general public. These patterns are also pdf's sent through the Ravelry system for download.

What is the degree of difficulty?  Will I be able to do these patterns?
I'd describe all of the patterns as at least Intermediate... if you have done my KAL's before you know that I provide video tutorials and alot of support, if you want to learn, we'll be there to help you!  If you have completed any of my Craftsy class designs your skill level is ready for these designs!
Will there be video tutorials?
OF COURSE!  I love helping you learn new techniques, and you know that I think a video is worth a thousand words!
What yarns/companies are you working with?
This is part of the mystery, but if you know my designs, you'll know I LOVE working with hand-dyers and unique bases that you might not have worked with before! 
Will the yarn be exclusive colorways?
Yes!  I am working with dyers to design colors that are unique for this club! Some dyers ask that the color rights revert back to them in 6 months to a year, which I have agreed to!
Can I sign up for a "pattern-only" version of the club?
Sorry, the patterns for the three exclusive KALs will not be available for sale to people outside the club until one year has passed from the release date. 
Do you ship overseas?
Yes!  I tried to keep the cost down, but it is quite expensive to send overseas, so I've added in fees to cover that.
Can I combine shipments with friends or my guild?
No, sorry, each shipment will be sent to the address provided when you sign up.  Should you move please contact us as soon as possible so we can update our files.
How is my "kit" shipped?
All N Club kits will be shipped USPS first class mail.
Can I give this club as a gift?
YEAH!  What an awesome present! There is an option to do this when you order!
Do I have to have a Ravelry ID?
No, but it does make it easier to get patterns into your library so they update automatically. It's free to sign up for and easy to use, and a great way to store knitting patterns!
How do I pay?

N Club memberships can be charged in one or two installments. There is a $20 fee for the two installment option. You can pay with paypal, visa, mastercard or discover. By signing up and paying the full amount or deposit you have committed to the entire club.

To make The N Club possible, all yarn and goodies are purchased and dyed well in advance exclusively for the club.  No refunds or cancellations will be accepted. If you no longer need/want your kit when you receive it you are welcome to destash it on Ravelry!