Love and Light

Love and Light

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Love and Light
Love and Light
Love and Light

Bring some Love and Light into your life! This quick project is knit flat with a long strand of LED fairy lights. You’ve got two sizes to choose from!

Knitting with LED lights is a welcome challenge. Just go with the flow of the light strand and you’ll get into the groove.

Love and Light starts at the top of your heart with the left lobe. Once complete, your stitches are slipped out of the way while you knit the right lobe of the heart. Then both lobes are connected and the body is worked. Lit up in a window, it looks stunning from inside or outside. Go ahead… knit on, and spread the love and light!

All proceeds (after paypal fees) from the Love and Light pattern are being donated to All Hands and Hearts!

All Hands and Heart addresses the immediate and long-term needs of global communities impacted by disasters. They are known for how well they harness the strength of local communities, to re-rebuild safer more resilient infrastructure. I am so thrilled that the profit from this pattern will be going to support their important work!

A good bit of news for anyone who was challenged by Starry Light: Love and Light will be easy-peasy for you! There are even two sizes of hearts to choose from.

Please use the hashtag #knitloveandlight when you post your hearts on social media!

Small Heart-
One 200-light strand of LED fairy lights- 66 ft [20 m]
One set of US size 11 [8 mm] needles
One stitch marker
Large Heart-
One 300-light strand of LED fairy lights- 99 ft [30 m]
One set of US size 17 [12 mm] needles
One stitch marker
Command Hook or small piece of bendable wire for hanging

Finished Measurements
Small Heart (Large Heart)
Instructions are given for the Small Heart with the Large Heart instructions in parentheses.