Chillow Collar

Chillow Collar

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Chillow Collar
Chillow Collar
Chillow Collar
Chillow Cuff
Chillow Collar

Are you ready to chill out with a new design? Let me introduce you to Chillow. Prepare to be utterly charmed: smooth and silky hand-dyed Valdani Perle Cotton, coordinating bugle and seed beads, and a hammered metal teardrop pendant. Not only are the actual materials amazing, but the kit comes with a SUPER CUTE case featuring a cheeky lil cheetah! Lola really outdid herself with this design!

Want to hear the best part? THERE ARE KITS IN 10 COLORS AVAILABLE HERE! Kits can make one Chillow Collar, one single-wrap Chillow Cuff, AND one double-wrap Chillow Cuff.

Chillow Collar starts at the tear-drop pendant and is knit outwards with beads that are pre-strung on the yarn before you start knitting.

Want to hear the best part? Chillow has two versions:
Version 1 (aka Chillaxing Cheetah) is simpler. Picture a cheetah lounging by the water, powerful but at ease. Beads are slipped in front of stitches to create an undulating effect, like smooth, calm waters.
Version 2 (aka Chasing Cheetah) is a bit more challenging. I use my favorite beaded double-sided lace technique alternating with slipped beads. The result is intricate and graceful, like a cheetah, jumping between tree branches.

25 yards [23 meters] Valdani, Size 5 Perle Cotton; 100% cotton
180 Japanese seed beads (A beads)
18 bugle beads (B beads)
Hook and eye clasp
Teardrop pendant
Dental floss threader or beading needle (for stringing on beads)

US Size 1 [2.25 mm] needles
2 mm crochet hook
Tapestry needle (for attaching clasp)


12 rows per inch [2.5 cm] of unbeaded strand, blocked