Lola's Choice FAQ

General Information

Who's Lola?
Lola was my nickname through my teenage and college years... my old friends still call me that! Lola is a little cray cray, and totally loveable. She's creative, and independent and has good taste! If you want to hear the whole story and get to know her better, read the full blog post here!
What are we knitting?
Lola loves small accessories, so your kits will be for cowls, hats, jewelry, ornaments and scarves. Your kit probably won't contain more than 150 yards of yarn and often times less than that if other supplies are involved. Some kits will have beads, and some won't... it depends on the design! You can never tell what kind of mood Lola will be in. Yarn weights will vary, but they won't be lighter than heavy lace weight or heavier than DK!

What is the degree of difficulty?  Will I be able to do these patterns?
There will be a range of difficulties, some designs will be easier, and some a bit more challenging. I'd describe the bulk of patterns as intermediate... if you have knit my patterns  before you know that I provide video tutorials and a lot of support. If you want to learn, I'll be there to help you!
Are patterns included in the kit?
Yes, every kit will include a postcard with a sneak peek of the project, a materials list, and a download code for a PDF copy of the pattern. If you are logged into Ravelry when you redeem that code then the pattern will go straight into your library.
What yarns/companies are you working with?
This is part of the surprise, but if you know my designs, you'll know I LOVE working with hand-dyers and unique bases that you might not have worked with before!  This is a low-risk chance to be exposed to some pretty amazing yarns and companies!

Will the yarn be exclusive colorways?
No, part of how I can keep this club affordable is to use existing colorways.... it also let's me share some of my favorites with you that are already on the market.
Will there be color choices? Will everyone in the club get the same color?
There won't be color choices, but there may be times when subscribers get subtly different versions of the same kits. This is due to supply and availability.
What will the fibers be?  I'm allergic to wool.
I'll be using all kinds of fibers, wool and non-wool. Unfortunately right now I don't have a non-animal fiber option.
Will I have a chance to order extra kits? 
E-mail Laura to see if there are extra! Sometimes there are, but often times they sell out pretty quickly!
Will patterns be sized?
Yes, when appropriate to the pattern.
Can I give this club as a gift?

YEAH!  What an awesome present! There is an option to do this when you order!

Digital Questions

Will there be video tutorials?
OF COURSE!  I love helping you learn new techniques, and a video is worth a thousand words!

Will there be a forum set up on Ravelry and Facebook?
Yes, we will set up a thread for each shipment in the Nelkin Designs Ravelry group and there is always chatter in the Facebook Group!
Do I have to have a Ravelry ID?

No, but it's free to sign up for, easy to use, and a great way to store knitting patterns!

Shipping & Payment Information

How will the kits be packaged? Could I give one as a gift if I don't choose to knit it?

Kits will be packaged as my other kits are, and will easily be giftable! Great idea!

Do you ship overseas?
Yes!  I tried to keep the cost down, but it is quite expensive to send overseas! Domestic shipping is included in the kit price.

Canadian Shipping  is +$9/kit and International Shipping  is +$13/kit.
If you sign up for the 1-month auto-renew option you won't be charged shipping on your first kit until the 25th of the month before shipping.

Can I combine shipments with friends or my guild?
No, sorry. Each shipment will be sent to the address provided when you signed up.  Should you move please update us through your account or contact us as soon as possible so we can update our files.
How is my "kit" shipped?
All Lola's Choice kits will be shipped USPS.
When will the kits be shipped?
Kits will ship by the 10th of the month.
How do I pay?

Lola's Choice has 3 sign-up options. There are rolling sign-ups... your first shipment will be dependent on quantity available at sign up.  You can pay with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or Discover.

1 shipment (Auto-Renew)- $35/kit  includes domestic shipping
      (You will be charged on the 25th of the month before shipping, cancel anytime before that)
3 shipments- $96 ($32/kit) includes domestic shipping
6 shipments- $174 ($29/kit) includes domestic shipping

To make Lola's Choice possible, all yarn and goodies are purchased well in advance for the club shipments to go out in a timely manner. No refunds or cancellations will be accepted. If you no longer need/want your kit when you receive it you are welcome to destash it on Ravelry!

I will attempt to keep to the schedule announced, but due to circumstances outside of my control shipments might need to deviate from the schedule. In the unlikely event that this should happen Club members will be notified in a very timely manner. Lola's Choice is in it's 7th year and I am proud to say Lola has NEVER late with a kit!